St Mary High School 40th Annual Awards
Albuquerque, New Mexico

            AWARD                      RECOGNITION                               RECIPIENT


Longevity Award                      Oldest Classmate                            David Luna


Young Pup Award                    Youngest Classmate                      Lewis Archibeck


Robbing the Cradle Award       Youngest At First Marriage          Edna Cordova(Montano)


Gloria Steinam Award              Oldest At First Marriage              Ron Garcia


Don King Award                      Most Hair                                     Eli Tafoya


Shaq Award                             Least Hair                                     Bill Baxter


Abraham and Sarah Award      Married the Longest Award         Edna Cordova(Montano)


Honeymoon Award                  Newest Marriage                         Joe Chavez


Lived In a Shoe Award              Most Children                              Lewis Archibeck


Gold Award                             Most Grandchildren                     Pearl Lucero(Fishel)


Platinum Award                        Most Great Grandchildren                       no one


Magic Carpet Award                Traveled the Furthest                   Bob Morgan


How Far can You See             Traveled the furthest to reunion   James Jaramillo


See the USA Award                 Traveled to the Most States          Lewis Archibeck


World Wide Award                  Traveled to the Most Countries    Ron Garcia


Only In America Award            Never Been Out of the Country    Valerie Valdez


Home Boy/Girl Award                Never Left New Mexico                Leroy Moya


Hermit Award                          Never Left Albuquerque                Richard Perea


Dick Clark Award                    Changed the Least                         Pat Davidson(Hodges)


Who Are You Award               Changed the Most                         Fred Griego


Pied Piper Award                     Most Pets                                      Elaine Sena(Ross)


This Old House Award                Lived in the Same House              Fred Griego 


Landmark Award                     Lived on the Same Street     Bette Garcia(Telles) & Fred G.